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INGENIERÍA PARA EL CONTROL DEL RUIDO solves noise and vibration problems. Our approach makes us different because only well-formulated questions lead to correct solutions. For us, the only way of solving a noise problem is to know the exact influence of each source of noise. That is, to analyse every path through which noise and vibrations are transmitted. This is the only way to determine which sources must be modified in order to reduce the overall noise level.
The spirit of the company is essentially practical; we work with breakthroughs in analysis methods, and at the same time we develop new technology (including tailor-made software) to make the solution more possible in each case. These advantages are more than obvious for our clients, because all the information of each case is available – from what we do to how we do it.

Our activities are focused on three main areas:  

Services: specific studies to prevent avoid and solve noise and vibration problems in sectors such as automobile, railway, industry, construction or environment.

Research & Development of new predictive test or theory methods.

Training in acoustic engineering, from the most essential to the most specialized (Basic acoustics, Vibrations, Numerical Methods, Aeroacoustics and Environmental noise impact assessment in a wind farm).