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ICR prepares a new version of the programme (January 2010)

The new version of the software will be released in a few months. We can already say that it will include a new application and interface concept. The user will be able to design a structure with the construction elements, and based on that, make calculations, with certain new features. On the other hand, the RT (reverberation time) of each room can be calculated, and all the possible results can be instantly retrieved with a full calculation (RT and insulation). The programme’s interface has also improved thanks to an easy and intuitive drawing tool that enables users to create a visual representation of the structure of the building that is being calculated.
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Internationalisation of dBKAisla (September 2009)

ICR already makes the first contacts with various companies to international distribution the acoustic insulation software, dBKAisla.

ICR invites you to participate in the dBKAisla Forum (April 2009)

The users of dBKAisla software already have a forum exclusively for the programme and the new DB-HR Spanish law. The aim is to provide users with technical and professional support in order to make calculations more enjoyable based on interaction with other users or with the actual software administrators.

The HR Basic Document of the Spanish Technical Building Code comes into force

After a year of transition because of the important change in regulations caused by the DB-HR of the Spanish Technical Building Code, today, 24 April 2009, it comes into force with many modifications. This new regulation, which aims to improve the sound quality of buildings, will be compulsory in Spain.
Ministerio de Vivienda

The database now includes Asfaltex products (November 2008)

With the new version of the programme, users will have important features such as the acoustic properties of the renowned Asfaltex products, a benchmark company in the sector of insulation sheets and acoustic insulations materials. This company has also wanted to take part in the dBKAisla software project.

Outstanding success for the dBKAisla software (October 2008)

Recently it was the first anniversary of the HR Basic Document Protection against Noise of the Spanish Technical Building Code. The application of this new law is demanding a great effort of all the agents involved. Consequently, dBKAisla is becoming a prestigious tool in the market thanks to its versatile, complex and very practical competences to calculate the required sound insulation.

Arliblock includes its products in dBKAisla(September 2008)

The manufacturer of prefabricated blocks, Arliblock, has included its products in the software database. This extends the acoustic data available for users.
The Arliblock Group is made up of 18 companies and some of them are the main producers of prefabricated materials in Spain. The inclusion of these products increases the programme’s capacities.

Thanks to Tecnitax SL, dBKAisla will be taught in an Official Masters in Granada (July 2008)

The company Tecnitax SL, a long-time collaborator of ICR, will present and explain how the dBKAisla software works to the students of the Official Masters in “Management and Evaluation of Noise Pollution”, which will be taught at the University of Granada. This course has become very important because more than twenty institutions and companies with wide experience in the acoustics industry take part.

Title: Official Master in Management and Evaluation of Noise Pollution
Departament: Architectural Acoustics
Professor: Antonio L. Arranz Ortiz

Date: Thursday July 3, 2008

The COAC Technical Conferences were successful (May 2008)

Both conferences, in Girona and Barcelona, fulfilled the expectations regarding attendance.
The new Spanish Technical Building Code caused many architects to take interest in the conference on the news DB-HR regulations regarding acoustics. Consequently, thanks to the presentation of the new version of dBKAisla 2.1, many people visited the stand of ICR, which promoted both conferences.

ICR will sponsor the two Technical Conferences on the DB-HR organised by the Col·legi Oficial d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (May 2008)

On 27 and 30 May, technical conferences on the HR Basic Document “Protection against Noise” will take place in Girona and Barcelona respectively.
A total of 650 architects have signed up for these conferences and ICR will have the chance of presenting in public the new 2.1 version of the dBKAisla software.

Date-hour: May 27, 2008. 9.45am – 14pm
Place:  Melià Golf Vichy Catalan Hotel. Meeting room (Ctra. N-II, Km 701- Girona)

Date-hour: May 30, 2008. 9.45am – 14pm
Place: Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura (ETSAB). Hall (Av. Diagonal, 649- Barcelona)

The new version of dBKAisla 2.1 is ready (May 2008)

The latest version of dBKAisla is being finished and will be released at the end of May. 
Its functions and image resources have been extended in order to provide better and faster calculation solutions. 
Users will also be able to get the most of the materials of new collaborating companies which have been included in the database.

TEXSA products have been included in the database (April 2008)

The Spanish company TEXSA, manufacturer of waterproofing, sound and thermal insulation products, will extend the database of dBKAisla with its products and acoustic characteristics.
This company, which is contributing to the global building sector with important advances, is taking part in the launch of this important tool for the sector.

New image of dBKAisla 2.0 (March 2008)

A more modern look has been designed for the 2.0 version of dBKAisla. The image will be launched together with the web site. The style of the logo has evolved, as well as the actual software format. The idea was to achieve a more current and attractive look, but mainly functional.

Se inicia campaña para ampliar el numero de materiales de la base de datos del dBKAisla (Febrero 2008)

ICR has started to get in contact with different companies that manufacture acoustic materials, in order to extend the dBKAisla database. Up until now this database has been made up of materials accredited by ICR. Nevertheless, with the aim of facilitating the work for users, we want to achieve a wider range of products for making the calculations.

 Ingeniería para el Control del Ruido SL has always worked with the aim of improving the acoustic engineering sector in Spain. Once again the company stands out by launching an innovative, modern and completely practical product.